clutch heaven

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a great day so far.

Its been raining non stop today in Singapore however, sky is brightening up now.  For today’s post, I would like to support a dear friend of mine, Shireena who I’ve known for quite a long time, is an owner of a handbag brand called Sheens.

I am not sure how many of you reside in Singapore, but she is a designer and owner of a handbag brand Sheens is having an open house so if you are a bag hoarder and need another amazing bag or clutch to bring to your dinner outings or parties, here is an exclusive sale invite.

Open House Details:

Follow them on their Facebook page ( you will have an additional 10% discount.
Don’t forget to use the  code name “simplytokyo”.

Date: Friday, 5 September
Time: 11AM to 7PM
Place: 46 Coronation Road West, 01-02, Block 46A, Astrid Meadows (S)269262
Contact: Shireena at or on her mobile at 92310299


Here is one of her clutch that she designed which I adore.  Very classic minimal where you can bring out to any night outings.


If you plan to head out to the open house sale, have fun ladies!


the Daniel Wellington classic

Hi Everyone!  I have been very poor at updating my blog.

Traveling and having visitors come frequently made it quite difficult for me to find the time, on the other hand Instagram makes it easy for me to update things quickly.  Alright, enough with my excuses.  Apologies!

I have been seeing this classic timeless watch from Daniel Wellington lately on Instagram and couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

So here is the good news!

If you are thinking of getting one (which I am sure you won’t regret!)  here is a discount code for you to get 15% off.  So here are the steps.  Remember this is only until 15th September!

1.  Purchase on the official website.  <>

2.  Remember to put the special discount code;  simplytokyo

3. Discount code will reduce the price by 15%

4. This is only valid until 15th of September (2014).

Daniel Wellington

I am absolutely in love with this watch.  I was always looking for an elegant leather strap watch, something additional option to have with the one that I already have which is the Cartier silver watch.  When you want to look classic and chic, a black leather strap watch goes very well with the style and it was taking me forever to find one.  My wish list was;

— Timeless, classic and chic.

— Thin. Very thin.  I really don’t like it when watches gets thick.

— Watch face is VERY minimal. No dates, flashy fonts used on numbers or anything. No diamonds.

After looking  at so many photos and very appealing pictures on Instagram, I knew this was THE ONE!

Thank you so much Daniel Wellington!  I am debuting this piece tonight…



chanel smokey blue bag

In my previous post, I talked about my star buy shoes of this year.  If you ask me what was my star buy BAG of last year, it would definitely be my smokey blue Chanel bag.

I only have two Chanel bags and one is black classic version which was passed on from my mother.  And this one right here.  I love small bags that is functional and this piece would not dissapoint you.

I carry very little things that would be my wallet, iPhone, lip gloss and my house key.  And nothing else.  Even on a 10 hour flight, I think i would only add my glasses and passport to that list.  No big luggage on the flight.

So when I saw this piece at the store, a little pochette that turns into a purse which has coin case and a card holder inside, I knew it would be a keeper.  But so many color selections.


I would normally go for the Black, Beige, Grey kinda basic color.  I would have never thought of getting this color but hold on.
I will be in a hot summer Singapore and already have black Chanel bag.  Shouldn’t I get a color that is more playful?  But not too bold as I wouldn’t want the bag to stand out too much.

So I decided to get this smokey blue color which has a tint of grey.  Very neutral blue.  Not a hard-core blue.

It matches well with my basic style items as the tint of grey complements my clothes.


What was your star buy bag of last year?   Probably for this year, my Celine trio bag is at the top of the list!


food art japanese

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all having a great week so far.

I haven’t been back in Tokyo for 3 months now and this is making a record as I have been back every now and then since I moved out of Japan.  When I miss home, I start to cook more Japanese food and especially use my Japanese plates.

I am loving these Japanese plates I brought back from Japan.  This is passed on from my grandmother and it’s at its 3rd generation. Many different kinds of shape which makes the food presentation unique.



In my previous post, I wrote about ‘defining your own style‘ and how my choice of style has changed over the years.  I can say that this is also the same for ‘food’.  In my 20’s, food was just something to fill my stomach and I would eat fried stuff, lots of cheese and pasta.  Now in my 30’s, I like to know what I am eating and how I am eating.  Okay, so what does ‘how I am eating’ mean..

I like to cook and choose my own ingredients.  Most importantly think of how I would like to present these food.

I love to think of which plates to place the food and what plate combination.   Same for fashion.  How do I want to style my clothes is the same as how I want to style the food I made.


Now that Singapore has only one season,  I like to use these Japanese traditional plates to feel the four seasons I miss.  In the Summer time, I would use glassware, blue and white color plates.  For Winter and Autumn, more of maroon and brown, or red color plates.

I would like to have a good quality of life now and also quality of food.  This is one of my ways.

up to date with topshop slip-ons

What do you do, when you have all the clothes but it doesn’t seem to be up to date and in trend…

I wear my Topshop black slip-ons more often and I must say that these have been my star buy of this year so far in the ‘shoes’ department.  It was a bit unconfortable at first, probably because of the shape but they are brilliant now.

I am usually 24.5cm but for this one, I got a half size larger which was 39 EUR size.

They can go with practically anything I wear, casual or non-casual and also bring pretty much up to date with what I am wearing.  I love to wear them with a black or grey skirt, but they go great with jeans and pants as well.

The one from Topshop was about 30$SGD so very affordable piece to buy, and a convenient way to update your style.

Here are some ways to wear these slip-ons.  My favorite one is the first one with black skirt.

I am just wearing some super basic items such as Black skirt, stripe Ts, white denim, grey denim… etc which all of you may already have.  And with these basic items, you can bring the style in trend and up to date with just this slip-ons.  An awesome piece to add to your wardrobe.  And you won’t regret it as it doesn’t cost so much.

What is your star buy so far for this year?

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when casual meets birkin

Hi everyone!   Last weekend was exhausting but fun as I had couple of friends over at my house to watch the World Cup games.

Sleepless nights but it was a good game.  Finally soon to be over, which team will win?

Last year at this time, I was rushing to pack my things within two weeks as I was relocating from Hong Kong (was very sad to leave) to Singapore.  This was the 4th relocation in 6 1/2 years so packing was an easy thing for me.  Plus I was always down sizing my closet everytime I moved so less things to pack each time.

One thing I learned was – always keep the best basic items.  I’m posting some of my selective basic items that does great combiations for all styling.

– White denim :: Cigarette denim from AG Jeans.  These are the most awesome white denim.  Great structure and allows a little stretch.
– Grey jersy Ts :: COS.  Loose Ts with great texture.  It has a jersy feel which makes it look classy.
– A good old bag that would last forever :: Hermes Birkin.  Just takes the casual look to another level.

Jeans: AG Jeans
T shirt: COS
Shoes: L’autre chose
Earing: Donatella Pellini
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Bag: Hermes Birkin

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classic converse ”chic”

Hi everyone!  It has been quite a while since I last posted.

I’ve been using my Instagram account @simplytokyo  more for fasion related posts but then I had few comments that some people don’t use Instagram so decided to recap some of my fashion photos here on my blog.

Recently I have been abusing my classic Converse.  I used to wear them back in highschool but back then I would only wear them with jeans and Ts.  Just wearing them as a ‘comfy sneaksers’.

Now I am loving this classic look that converse has, simple yet makes the style casual chic.  So I’m calling this posts’ title classic Converse ”chic”.   Not just wearing this kiks for comfortableness but using it as a tool to make the style chic and classy. But of course, I still love to wear them with a complete casual look.

There are many ways to wear them but I especially love to wear with a polished ‘office’ look paired with the Converse.   It gives some what an unexpected yet a chic look and feels like it complements the whole look.

Wore it with my black trepeze skirt,  white shirt and grey jacket.  So what shoes would you – or can you wear with this look?

– Black loafers
– Black flats (like the ballerina shoes from Repetto?)
– Black or Grey patent heels  etc…
– Leopard flats?

The list would go on.  But these may be an ‘expected’ choice.  Why not conclude the shoes with something unexpected with a classic Converse.

Shoes: Converse all stars
Skirt: Zara
Shirt: James Perse
Grey Jacket: Dressterior (Japanese brand)
Bag: Celine Trio Bag
Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana


I also love to pair them with the Hermes Birkin bag.  Holding this bag makes the look kind of uptight sometimes and usually you would wear something more elegant or with a dress.  But I love holding this bag with a casual look. Hermes and Converse is probably the ultimate ‘high’ and ‘low’ fashion items.  This is the kind of things I like to pair up.

For this style I paired up a lace skirt with dungaree shirt.  I may wear a blue heels or a nude pumps with this look if I were to hold and Hermes birkin.  But to bring that ‘unexpected’ look, wear the classic Converse.

I feel like by bringing this ‘unexpected’ – ness, you are demonstrating sophistication in elegance and fashion and also knowing that style conveys an idea of the range of possible styles.

What do you think?

Shoes: Converse all stars
Skirt: ADORE (Japanese brand)
Shirt: Zara
Bag: Hermes (Birkin)
Bracelet: Chan Luu