Sri Lanka:: dress code beach chic

1st night of the Sri Lanka wedding was a reception dinner by the beach. Luckily the rain and stormy nights that has been going on since the past few days had suddenly stopped and a nice blue sky appeared just as the dinner was about to start.


The venue was just amazing.

I decided to go with something summer ish … Combination of what I love, a silk chiffon dress from L’AGENCE with a sunflower print. L’AGENCE has a timeless, classic and chic design. The dress has a bit of a Japanese kimono inspire to it which I love and very comfortable to wear. The silk fabric is so thin it flows around your body. It just feels good.

With this dress, it’s time for my Manolo to come out from the shoe box. The flower deco pin on the shoes went well with the flower print on the dress.


And touched it up with a bracelet shaped like the circular flower heads.

I definitely had too much food and wine, its 1 am now…
Good night everyone!

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Bracelet: TIA
Earrings: Donatella Pellini
Bag: Ferragamo

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