inner beauty

As much as I like to wear something nice on the outside, I also like to put on a nice inner wear as well. People can’t see whether or not you are wearing something classy or nice underneath that fabulous Philip Lim clothes or fancy Lanvin dress. But I wouldn’t want to wear anything that is worn out or inner pieces that just doesn’t match what you’re wearing outside.

Something that is closest to your skin, I like to wear a good natural fabric that fits your body.


My all time favorite is Oscalito. An Italian brand who’s been producing inner wear for almost 77 years. The complete natural fabric used for knitting gives the fabric a perfect balance of softness and elasticity. Their laces are also amazing. Every chance I get to fly down to Tokyo, I always try to find time to stop by my favorite shop, The Secret Closet to grab one of these Oscalito silk and cotton tank tops. Wearing a good quality inner wear is the ultimate luxury for me.


Pink top: Oscalito silk tank top
White top: Oscalito cotton tank top
Shop: The Secret Closet @ Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown, Japan (



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