going Global in the kitchen

Having the right kind of kitchen tool makes it so much easier for cooking. It also makes you feel good when your cooking with great stuff.


I thought I would never be the type of person who would enjoy cooking. I just never had the time to cook, or wasn’t really interested.

My daily routine was like this …
wake up 7am, go to work 9am
go out for a quick dinner 8pm
go back to office to attend conference calls with New York or London 10pm (coffee, coffee and another shot of espresso)
start working on a project and finish at New York or London time 1am
go to bed exhausted 3am
…then wake up at 7am again

This kind of lifestyle went on for years. Super unhealthy. By the time it was my 9th year in the finance industry, I started to have some quality time. After all those years of late night dinners and eating out, I finally decided to cook some healthy Japanese home cook meal which I found it hard to find in Hong Kong or Singapore.

I knew I had to get the right kind and good quality kitchen tools. Just like in the finance world, we need Excel and Power Points to make your work easier.

I wanted tools that would also make me feel good while I am cooking.


So decided to get the best of the best ones for the essentials. One of them is the Global kitchen knives which is well known for the best in the world used by Michelin star chefs. Very elegant design and of course great performance.

For cutting board, I use a square wood board by Shimanto made with natural Hinoki wood from Japan. Just the right size. Perfect…

Now let the cooking begin!!


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