mixing highs and lows

Today’s outfit… mixing highs and lows.

I have tried many different brands and bought so much in my early and late 20’s. My styles have revolved. I’ve learned what I don’t look good in certain styles and also what I like.

Even though each season has a trend, I don’t follow EVERY trend out there. Because when you come to your mid 30’s you start to establish your own style. Although this Spring/Summer what I did like was the neon trend. I love wearing bright colors. But keeping it simple. Not from head to toe neon.

Okay back to the subject…

I like to mix highs and lows. Reality is… I work, I have limits and budgets. So today I took one of my highs – Hermès bag, and my lows – UNIQLO black skinny pants (so comfy I stocked 2 pairs).

Adding a little class, keeping it chic and quality fabric. I think that is my style. What is yours?

In my early 30’s I come to realize that I didn’t need 10-20 different bags, I only need few fabulous bags that are eternal and I can hold forever. Hermès.




Shoes: Ferragamo
Earrings: Donatella Pellini
Bracelet: Hermès
Bag: Hermès (Garden Party)


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