a walk with Latte

My favorite time of the day is to spend time with my dog, Latte and go for a walk. Walking your own dog builds the trust and the relationship with your dog.

It also makes me happy when I look down at this furry little thing and see him sniffing the grass and taking a moment to stop and feel the wind blow. I then will stop to take a moment as well. Latte allows me to realize, hmm, nature is beautiful!

Lately I have been a sneaker freak and loving my new 2 pairs, New Balance 996 and the Converse. I used to wear these brands way back in high school. But then I guess for me, it seems to always be “back to basics”.

Sneakers for me is not only something to wear to the gym with gym clothes but also a fashion. I want to match the colors and the design with the clothes that I am wearing. What is your favorite repeatable sneaker?


Matching the Red stitches on my jeans with my favorite sneakers.


Today’s dog walk outfit. White, beige and a red accent on the bottom.




Boy does he look happy!


T-shirt: PLST
Jeans: PLST
Hat: Panama Hat from 100% Capri
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Earrings: Donatella Pellini
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Hermes


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