your morning with five senses

I like start my morning surrounding myself with the things I love. It helps me relax, rejuvenate and kick off the Monday blues. My morning starts fresh and it feels great. Fully using my five senses and it starts like this;

Touch – my dog Latte
Sight – look at my husband, he is still sleeping.. okay I will make some coffee
Hear – head to the living room and push play button. My usual morning music is Bossa Nova! One of my favorite singer; Nara Leão
Taste – healthy breakfast!

and finally

SMELL – aroma. This is most important to me, switch on the aroma diffuser

I started to use an aroma diffuser 3 years ago and tried out many different kinds, but I finally found a diffuser – ‘air aroma’ Aromax – that is satisfying. Both design and effectiveness. Some comes in great designs but the effect is not just there. This Aromax can cover up to about 4500ft³. I place it in my living room and the aroma scent covers even to the master bedroom and on to the bathroom. It was so worth buying it from Australia…


Take off the top cover and this is what it looks like.


Aroma oils


Smell is considered our most powerful sense when it comes to the long-term memorizing of experiences, places or things. Some of the luxury brands or hotels use scent marketing solutions to build their brand and connect customers through scent. I’ve noticed most of the 5 star hotels in Hong Kong using scent marketing.

Aroma diffuser: Aromax from air aroma (Australia)
Aroma oil: Materia Aromatica (UK), TOUCH (Japan), Neal’s Yard Remedies (UK)


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