shoes closet therpy

Its been 3 months after I moved to Singapore from Hong Kong and I am still trying to organize and unpack. Moving from country to country number of times was a lot of work but it also meant that I could reorganize my wardrobe and shredding the things that I didn’t need anymore.

I have to admit, I am an organize freak.

So I finally organized my shoes closet. Labeled the boxes so I would know exactly where things are. And only the things that I really need.

I just LOVE shoes. I treat it like my jewelry.





I have to admit, there were a few that I haven’t worn for more than a year. Some was just too painful to wear (bought it just for the famous brand name..) or some I bought when I was in a ‘shopaholic’ moment. Not good.

Decided to do something good and give it away for charity. Okay, I learned my lesson. Stick to the ones you really love and feel comfortable in, don’t just go for the design and brand name.


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