Chanel moist

When you had a busy day and come back home exhausted, you just want to quickly take off your make up and go to bed. But no matter how much I spent on lotions or creams, I learned that cleansing is the most important step.

I used many types of cleansers – cream, oil, foam, gel… but I think I found my ultimate cleansing/ skin care kit.


Chanel Sublimage cleanser is really gentle on the skin and leaves the skin moist even after you take off your make up. Have you ever had that feeling when you cleanse, your skin feels really dry?

Well, this one was so much different than all the cleanser that I have used so far.

I love their concept of cleansing. Massaging the gel onto your skin (for better blood circulation), then gently wipe off with warm water using a cotton cloth. Steaming your skin so that the gel will float together with the makeup but leaving your skin soft and moist.

It isn’t a quick/ simple cleansing process, but why not take 5-10 min of my time to keep away from dry and wrinkle skin…This should be easy!


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