handsome jacket

Silk slim jackets are awesome. They don’t make you look too professional or too manly?
Still feeling sick, I knew I needed to wrap a scarf around my neck to protect my throat from the freezing air condition malls in Singapore. I finally took out my stacked scarfs that I have been keeping away for too long since last fall in Hong Kong.

I know rest of the world is enjoying the fall season where you can pull out your favorite wool knit sweaters and cashmeres. But for me, its summer here so I might as well go super tropical (despite the scarf) … white on white.


James Perse white T is the best! I knew I had to stock a few, so that’s what I did. Their V neck line is so perfectly calculated!


Haven’t put these belt on for so long. Thought I should put an accent to the white/ white boarder line.


Again,,, my favorite shoes brand, Pellico!


Hermes scarfs are amazing. Event with the same scarf, depending on how you fold/ wear it, it shows a totally different color and character.


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T shirt: James Perse
White Jeans: AG
Jacket: Rita Jeans Tokyo
Scarf: Hermes
Belt: Hermes


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