pearls and white lace

Tonight I had dinner plan at a French bistro. I occasionally like to have French food. I love foie gras and truffles!

Thinking of what to wear for dinner, I thought.. French, shabby chic, white, lace. So I wore my white lace skirt with white pearls. Two of my favorite things. Pearls are my birth stone and I love to match them up with classy styles or even a casual jeans look.  I think it adds a punch to your simple outfit.

Hermes bag with their scarf to add color.


Pellico shoes. I can run in them walk in them for hours and not a pain! They have the most amazing colors.




Good dinner, great day. Good night everyone!


Top sweater: J crew
Skirt: Dressterior
Bag: Hermes
Scarf on bag: Hermes
Shoes: Pellico
Pearl necklace: Mikimoto


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