blue n grey

Happy Friday everyone! Who doesn’t like Fridays?  You can stay up late and not care in the world when you wake up the next day.

But Friday it is. This means… movie night!

When I was living in Hong Kong, we were living in this amazing condo which sits right above a huge shopping mall that had all the luxury brand clothing lines and cosmetics stores. But even better, the mall had a really nice movie theater (and an ice skating rink..). So my husband and I would go to late night movies on Fridays or Saturdays around 12am… movie ends at 2am. But all we had to do was take the elevator up to our apartment and go to bed.   God I miss doing that.

Changing from my day wear to like a winter gear clothes since it is going to be freezing in the theater. Somehow, Singapore movie theaters are set to like 19 °C (65F)! Can you believe it?  My lips literally turn purple.

I am matching grey and blue tonight. I love grey. Any color that is grey-ish.. I love!

My Pellico shoes again… hard to tell but this is a Navy color in Suede.



Tolani scarf. A tint of grey and blue and other colors adds a punch.


Fell in love with this color of the bag. Its blue, but grey-ish.




Scarf: Tolani
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Duxieme Classe
Shoes: Pellico
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Chan Luu

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