cinderella shoes

I think every girl has got a pair of their own Cinderella shoes… meaning the shoes of your dream, that makes you feel happy and the one you will treasure for a very long time. The one that fits perfectly well both style and size.  I think for now, mine would be down to just two pairs. Sergio Rossi shoes and Sartore boots.  This boots was an investment!  Sad that I won’t be wearing my Sartore that often anymore.

I have met my Sergio Cinderella shoes few months back when I was visiting my friends and family in Tokyo.  One of my favorite places to go for shopping is Ginza.  Already in August, shops were turning their window displays to Autumn/ Winter collection. Gosh,, would I find anything that I can wear in hot summer Singapore?

And there it was.. the moment I saw this one, I thought… please have them in my size!  As usual, they didn’t.  Not in Tokyo but the last pair in Fukuoka (which is really far from Tokyo)!  Being typical me, I had it shipped over to Tokyo.

Loved the color, beige pink and the mix and match of the patent and suede material.

What is your Cinderella shoes?


Their heels are thin as a pin but surprisingly incredibly comfortable.


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