what a dog needs

A lot of my friends ask me what I feed my dog. Dog food or treats, I really want to give the best of the best for my dog,, I hope.

Some of my friends thinks I’m crazy. I watch every season of the Dog Whisperer (I love that show and the tricks really works). But I’m not one of those dog owners who feeds their pups just about anything. From ice creams, rice to bread. Since when does dogs eat rice?!

My dog trainer back in Tokyo has told me that raw beef is good for dogs. So I used to feed Wagyu to Latte but that was only in Japan because it was still affordable in Japan. But since moving to Hong Kong, finding out that Wagyu cost almost 2 times more than Japan, I started to feed Latte these two brands. Its freeze dried raw dog food and Latte goes crazy for these.

What I really liked about was their concept.

“DNA proves that your dog is 99.8% wolf. it makes sense that their dietary needs are the same.”

Makes sense to me. What do you think?

Where to buy:
In Singapore – Pet Lovers Centre http://m.petloverscentre.com/
In Hong Kong – Dogotel http://www.dogotel.com/
In Tokyo – Green Dog at Roppongi Midtown
K9 Natural (Beef Feast) and ZiwiPeak (Venison)


Bought in Japan, organic Tuna and Chicken treats.


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