3.1 phillip lim for fridays

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

On Friday, I decided to go explore a good restaurant with my husband, that can be my favorite place to go in Singapore.  I have lots of places I love to go and eat in Tokyo and Hong Kong, my hideout place, but I have not found a place yet in Singapore.

I love a good French and Italian (of course Japanese food as well).  And this place could possibly be one of my favorite.  An Italian dish with a Japanese twist.  Great value for money and food was fab.  The cozy atmosphere just made my Friday night dinner!  See below for restaurant info.

While I would like to rate each of the restaurants I go to, I thought it would be better to only show the ones I LOOOOVE!  Makes sense right?  Rather than posting some thing on that is 2, 3 stars, 4.5 starts… etc… Post only that I thought was five star ★★★★★ (at least for me…)

Going for Phillip Lim dress to end a good week!

I love the tux inspired dress. A manish classy dress.


A view from the Marina Bay Sands.


Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Cole Haan

Restaurant: caffe b
Type: Italian
Location: Singapore
Contact: http://www.caffeb.com.sg/caffe/Views/Home/Index.html


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