Japan:: away to Tokyo

Since I had some time, I decided to book a last minute flight back home to Tokyo and joint friend later at the island of paradise (guess where?).
I love to plan last minute travels. Usually these kind of trips would be business trips which is not exciting at all but last minute trip as a holiday is awesome! Don’t you think?

Whenever I travel I always travel very light. 1) my suitcase Rimoa 2) small bag to carry in flight

Rimoa suitcase is a must for me. This one is so easy to push or pull around, I can’t let go!
Bag that I carry in the flight is a small one, Hermes “Garden Party” bag which only has my Passport, 2 purse (Japanese yen and Singapore dollars) and my phone.

Always fly the Star Aliance flights which is ANA and Singapore Airlines. This time I am taking the ANA but I use the Singapore Airlines Lounge which is like a hotel buffet.

Have you ever been to the Singapore lounge? It could be meter than a 4 star hotel breakfast!
Chinese, western, Japanese, fruits, wide range of drinks, salad. You would find just about any food there!
For people who is exhausted from business trips who drop by at the lounge … This would be pure pleasure.

Now trying to get some Chinese food from the lounge and off I go to Tokyo!
So excited. And I will be sharing woth you lots of places I love to go. 00251016-072003.jpg


Glimpse of the Singapore Airlines lounge. I only had the chance to take picture if one corner but the real placebos huge with lots of food and drinks.



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