Japan:: sushi sensation

As mentioned on my previous post that I planned a last minute trip to Tokyo.

Many of my friends ask me where is the best place for food, to shop and even getting their hair cuts in Tokyo. They wanted to go to places that is not a tourist place but more of the best hidden places where real locals like to go to. And happy to say that they loved the places I recommend so thought of sharing few places.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here it is. This is the sushi chef (I call him Taisho – boss for English) I have been going to and the ONLY sushi place I go to whenever I am in Tokyo.

He has flown all the way to Singapore just make sushi for a VERY VIP, or shall I say the most VIP in Singapore (cannot reveal name on this post) and to Taiwan as well for another VIP.

I wanted to be super selfish not to share but I was so proud of him, I could not keep to this news to myself.

On my flight from Singapore to Tokyo I was reading the men’s magazine GQ and saw a familiar sushi counter picture where the most famous French chef Alain Ducasse was sitting.
Mr. Ducasse has visited this sushi place and praised that is was the most incredible sushi he ever had.

Super happy for you Taisho!

And for rest of the viewers or people who happened to drop by my blog, enjoy the sushi pictures!

Restaurant info at the end.








I have pictures of the restaurant exterior. More to come soon!

Name: Sushi Tsu
Web: http://www.sushitsu.jp/
Price: lunch 50-70 USD / dinner 300-400 USD (depends in how much sake you drink 😉


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