Japan:: Tokyo hair salon 101

I can not leave Tokyo without getting my hair done. The trust relationship you build with your hair stylist can not be replaced… right?

No matter how short my business trip was, or how last minute the trip was planned … The second thing I do right after I book my flight ticket is to book my hair salon.

Somehow, all these years, I was lucky enough to have business trips to Tokyo at least once a month. So even when I lived in Hong Kong or else where, I always managed to go to my favorite hair salon in Tokyo to get my hair done!

This place that I always go to is called Kakimoto Arms at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

The service is fab and of course the technique is perfect. The water that they use to wash your hair, shampoo and coloring materials are the ones good for your hair.

I started going there first just because my office was at Roppongi Hills and whenever I am in Tokyo, I would stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is in the same building so it was very convenient.

Gosh… Service is so good as well.

They offer slippers and bath robes so when you leave the salon, your shoes and clothes won’t have hair on them.

Coffee, mineral water, tea is offered.

I always wear their bath robe and slippers! It makes me feel relaxed.

Locker room to put your valuables and shoes.


Changing room with slippers, cottons…


Waiting lounge at the hair salon.

Super clean toilet. (This is soooo important to me!! Haha. Clean toilet.)

If you are a super busy girl, you can even get your nails and hair done at the same time! Very efficient!

So happy to get my hair done finally.
Bad hair just ruins your day, don’t you think?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tomorrow I will be off to the tropic parodies!! So excited!


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