Japan:: Tokyo shopping week

Putting some pictures of the sushi restaurant exterior that I mentioned on my previous post. The entrance feels like you are entering a Japanese traditional house eating top notch sushi! Doesn’t it look nice?



When I have the chance for some shopping time (which I always manage to find even for 30 min) the place I would never leave without stopping by is 2 places. Plus not so crowded in the mall so easy to walk around.

Roppongi Hills and Roppongi Midtown.

Haha okay both at Roppongi area. If I have time I would go to Ginza and Marunouchi area but sharing these two first.

Both within walking distance from the Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. By the way this hotel is fabulous so hoping to post some info on this hotel as well later.

Roppongi Hills mall has a lot of brand shops that I love (including my favorite hair salon haha) and for anyone who is interested in architecture, you may find the building quite interesting!

Shops I stop by at Roppongi Hills;
Joker (pet shop, dog food)
Issa London



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