Hawaii shopping week

What a great week… After spending time with my family in Tokyo and spending a week with my friend in Hawaii.

We need girls trip once in a while! Chatting, eating and shopping.

I am getting addicted to coconut water, especially the ones from this brand called Jax Coco. The taste is great and good for your health. The water is 100% natural and not sweet at all. I couldn’t find one so thought of trying out a new brand. This one was a bit sweet but all made naturally.
Drinking coconut water at the beach listening to music.. That’s what I did all week in the morning. Pure relaxation!


Later we decided to go for a late lunch. Place called Bogart’s Cafe and had a Garlic Shrimp Plate. The lunch plate was huge so we could have shared just one plate…



Garlic and shrimp…love this combination.

Later on headed to the Ala Moana shopping center. When I come to Hawaii… There is only 2-3 places I go for shopping. No need to run around several shops here and there. I can find things I like at the Ala Moana and a small little shop called Rebecca Beach at the Kahala Hotel that’s always got great stuff. Went a little too far this time but did not forget to buy some stuff for my husband! Important…

If you ever have the chance to stop by the Kahala Hotel, definitely check out the macadamia nuts chocolate at the small gift shop. Surprisingly…whenever they get new stocks, its sold out right away, so you may be lucky to find some boxes of chocolate there! But get the Milk flavor. They are the best. Added a bag of Kahala pancake mix, so I can make it for my husband.





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