Japan:: planes, trains and…planes

What happens when you take the plane every single month… or sometimes twice or three times a month?  When this is for work, you become completely exhausted!  Luckily this time it was for my own holiday, but after going through many business trips I started to have a fixed routine.

When going to Tokyo, I ALWAYS take airline ANA. They are the best.  Landing at Narita Airport, ALWAYS take the Narita Express and buy a Green Car ticket (which is more space and reserved seats).  The Green Car also has a dedicated baggage lock so that you can lock it up, sit back and relax~

Inside Narita Express Green Car

Green car staff will come by and sell drinks and snacks.  So here’s my routine, hydrate and get ‘Jagariko’ my favorite snack!

At the Narita airport, I go straight to ANA lounge.  Less people and much more relaxing.

ANA Lounge at Narita Airport Japan

Seats are spacious and comfortable. Wifi connected of course, so I text or Skype my husband before I take off.


Always the usual stuff at the food corner.  Very simple.  Soup, salad, cheese, Japanese noodles/ appetizers and some sweets.  Unfortunately food selection is not as impressive as the Singapore Airlines Lounge that I shared before here, but the food here is always fresh.

Food counter at ANA Lounge

But I can say it is very Japanese to have not only soft drinks, but all kinds of alcohols.  Wine, beer, whiskey, Japanese Sake and … even champagne?

Japanese Sake Bar at ANA Lounge

And out of all these food and drinks at the lounge, I always get the same thing.  Japanese tea and noodles at the noodle bar. Yes, they have a noodle bar as well. You can choose between Soba or Udon.


After a relaxing 1 hour at the lounge, time to board the plane!


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