damaged and dyed

Happy Friday everyone!  I don’t know if it’s the rainy season here in Singapore, but its been raining all day today and very dark outside.  Oh,, there goes a big thunder… Well it feels like Halloween now!

I wore my damaged jeans and dyed silk top today, lazy Friday.  I bought this back in Hawaii at the Rebecca Beach shop I shared here.

Keeping life simple, there is only two jeans brand I wear now…

J Brand and AG jeans.   And that is it.

Their cut and fabric is super, and it fits so well.  Don’t know how many jeans I tried out, wore and bought but ended up selling or giving them away.  But I finally met THE ONE.  What is your favorite jeans brand?


Top: Gypsy 05
Jeans:  AG jeans (stilt)
Shoes: L’autore Chose
Bag: Vanessa Bruno

Another one of my favorite combination of damaged jeans and border top. Simple but classy with the pearl necklace.


If I was still in Hawaii, I think I would wear my outfit like this with the AG jeans cutout shorts with the Gypsy 05 top.

Blue + White + Grey = my favorite…


Have a great weekend everyone!



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