Japan:: Midtown tokyo

The new shopping mall Roppongi Midtown that was revamped back in May, I finally had the chance to stop by few weeks ago when I was back in Tokyo. I mentioned here that I always stop by these two shopping malls which has all my favorite brands and shops; Roppongi Hills and Roppongi Midtown.  So here is some of the shops I love to go to in Roppongi Midtown.

Shops I stop by at Midtown;
Strasburgo (a select shop that imports Italian and French brands)
My Secret Closet (dresses, tops, shoes…)
Beams House (Italian and Japanese brands both for Men and Ladies)
Green Dog (of course! for my pup Latte I buy Japanese salmon treats!)
Kayanoya (Japanese Dashi – organic soup stock)
Toraya (Traditional Japanese sweets shop)

The building is amazing and beautiful as well.  Not so crowded so you don’t have to walk through the crowd.  When you need time to sit down and get a quick bite, try out the traditional Japanese sweets shop called ‘Toraya’ on basement floor.  If you have a chance to stop by Toraya,  definitely get the ice crush ‘Macha (green tea)’ flavor!  They are the best…

Roppongi Midtown shopping mall building

Woody and carpet nice comfy feeling hall






Ice crush Macha (green tea) flavor at TORAYA shop


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