japanese kitchen tools

Ever since I started cooking, I love to go hunting for some useful and interesting kitchen tools. What would we do without them? I also like to think of them as a kitchen interior, so a kitchen tool that are well designed, has great concept and that is actually useful… I crave for.

A kitchen interior that reflects your lifestyle.

I found this really cool item on an Japanese online shop. The product name is called ”soil”. Unfortunately their website is only in Japanese (http://soil-isurugi.jp/concept/index.html) but I love their design and concept. All of their products are made from natural Japanese soil, which has excellent moisture absorption and retention qualities. They are also eco friendly and recyclable.

I bought few pieces of this Cha-Saji, a small spoon that is made with a special soil which has moisture absorption so that the tea leaves are kept dry.

I use this for my brown sugar jar. With the humidity in Singapore, the sugar gets all moist even in a tight jar. With this ‘soil’ spoon, sugar is always dry.

What is your favorite kitchen interior item?




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