everlasting kitchen essentials

Recently I shared here about kitchen tools which I crave and go hunting for.   So that is what I did again when I was in Hawaii for a vacation few weeks ago.  Every time I go on a vacation somewhere, whether its US, Europe, Japan etc… I go searching for another useful kitchen tool that I can add to my collection.

So I found one at the Ala Moana shopping center in Williams-Sonoma shop.  I love their shop and cookware, utensils, kitchen linens…  I ended buying a garlic chopper which a lot of you may already have.  There are so many kinds of garlic chopper and I already own a few but those did not work so well.   When I found a garlic chopper that was actually made by Williams-Sonoma I couldn’t resist buying them.  I really trust their brand so it must work.  And… it did!



Another one of my kitchen essentials are the oil and spice board space that I keep next to the gas stove so it is always accessible.  Only use olive oil or grape seed oil to grill for low cholesterol.

My most favorite kitchen items of all times are my Peugeot Salt and Pepper mills.  They are amazing!  You think of Peugeot are only for cars, but I can never let go of this one.


Finally the tongs.  I use the OXO good grip tongs which works with anything from grilling to mixing.  I used to think I would never need tongs, but that was when I didn’t really cook.  You really need these to mix and stir.  It makes your cooking a lot easier!



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