mandarin tea candle

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since my last post.

On the weekend, Robinsons shopping mall at Orchard street has opened so I went to check out the revamped mall.

I was really surprised how it really turned itself around and the interior design was very nicely done. It kind of reminded me of the Lane Crawford + Harvey Nichole’s mall in Hong Kong. I love those two shops in Hong Kong and used to go there every week.  And Barney’s New York if I were to say in US.  Lots of new brands are in the mall and the basement kitchen appliance floor looks exciting as well.

I got myself an aroma candle because I really loved the brown-ish glass that the candle was in.  Thought it would go really well with your walnut side table.  And the scent is calming… not too fruity and spicy. Just the right candle to start off the Monday morning!





Robinsons shopping mall at Orchard road Singapore



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