pearl french nail

I finally found a nail salon in Singapore that has a special gel nail brand called “Cal Gel” and so excited to go back there again!   I have had this gel nail since 10 year ago?  For people who is afraid to get their nails damaged by gel nail, this brand would probably be the one for you.

This time, I went for the reverse French nail design that looks like pearls on your nails.  White on white. Love it.  This could be a great bridal nail on your wedding day.  Unfortunately, mine has passed but having this ‘bridal nail’ could remind me how blessed I am with my life long partner who is also my best friend.

What is your favorite nail design?

Oh I almost forgot.. for those who is obsessed with hand creams (as most of us ladies are), I am loving my new Clarins hand and nail treatment cream.  I hate hand creams that makes it sticky after you apply them, but this one keeps it smooth and is non-sticky.

Nail Salon: Holistetique (Singapore at Tanglin Mall)
Hand Cream: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment






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