singapore affordable art fair

I had the chance to go to the Singapore Affordable Art Fair on the weekend. It is held world wide in US, UK and in Asia. Last year I went to the same art fair in Hong Kong and it was a fun experience. I love looking at paintings and art. Especially that feeling when you stroll around the museum or a gallery and suddenly you see a painting that just catches your attention …

I wore one of my favorite jackets, I call it the ‘mannish-pink’.  Its a silk jacket that comes in a nice salmon + grey ish pink color so not too pink-ish and is double breasted button which makes the jacket look mannish.  I paired it with my damaged AG jeans and a matching Pellico shoes that goes with the jacket.



Top: Rita Jeans Tokyo
Inner wear: James Perse T-shirt
Bottom: AG Jeans
Shoes: Pellico (Italian)
Bag: Hermes
Bracelet: Chan Luu

Arts are flown from all over the world.  From Asia countries to Europe and US.  Some arts are from Spain, Italy and UK.  Its very diverse and affordable as well.


Affordable Art Fair official website:


One of the paintings that caught my eyes was by a Singaporean local artist, a painting of a tree.  I loved the colors.



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