puppy love…protect your pet

Its that time again.  The monthly treatment I do for my pup Latte.  He doesn’t really like it.  Because every time I take these out, he will hide under the sofa side table.  But he knows he needs them so eventually he will give up and jumps onto my lap to get it done.

Loving your dog means not just petting them, playing with them and walking them.  They need to be looked out for, from what could kill them – fleas and ticks.

I use the Frontline Plus and Heartgard on a monthly basis to prevent Latte from getting fleas and heartworm.

So if you have a furry loved one, don’t forget to do this monthly!  Especially if you live in a tropical country that has mosquitos and bugs all year round, this is really important. Heartworm disease is a serious illness that can rob your dog of its health and even its life.  They are transmitted by infected mosquitoes that bite the dog.

Its only us that could look out for them!

Where you can get these in
Singapore: Pet Lovers Centre  http://www.petloverscentre.com/
Hong Kong: Dogotel  & Spa     http://www.dogotel.com/




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