keeping something non-digital

Seems to me that so many thing has become digital these days.  Great technology has made our lives pretty convenient don’t you think?  But I do miss the Christmas cards and Thank you note cards.  Now they have most likely changed to E-cards and e-mails.

One thing I have always kept something that is non-digital is my schedule book.  A lot of people may keep these in their mobile phones but for some how I’ve always liked to write them down.  What about you?

I buy the same ones every year – it comes with monthly schedule and some note pages in the back.    I like to scribble things down on my monthly calendar, ideas that I came up with for work, or simply my ‘things to do list’ for that month.  To me, writing things down gives more of a meaning.


And since some lunch meetings or dinners do get canceled or rescheduled,, I use my favorite pen of all times…. the Frixion Pen made in Japan.  These are also sold at stationary shops in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Frixion Pen is a pen that can be erased.

What do you keep things non-digital?



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