holiday spark nails

It feels like the Christmas season is finally here with all the Christmas decoration at Orchard Road and people rushing to buy gifts for their families. I thought I needed to add some holiday spark to my nails. Something simple, chic and classy but has a touch of a spark on your nails.



I did my nails at my favorite shop, that I previously mentioned here. I love this nail salon not just because it is accessible (@ Tanglin Mall) but they also make sure you will feel relaxed while getting your nails done with their aroma oil scent in the shop.

This time, they had a pine-ish and peppermint aroma oil scented in the shop and I really liked it so decided to buy the same oil at the shop.

Holistetique nail salon happens to be the only qualified shop in Singapore that distributes the Materia Aromatica oil. This brand is known to have the pure essential oil that is organically grown.

Only the pure aroma oil works the best. Don’t you think?



Nail Salon: Holistetique (Singapore at Tanglin Mall)
Hand Cream: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment


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