lunch at four seasons

Its finally the weekend… and is the rainy season over in Singapore?   I guess not.  Just heard a thunder.  I hope it doesn’t start raining again.

For a good Cantonese lunch I always end up at the Four Seasons Hotel restaurant called Jian-Nan Chun.  The atmosphere is great, its nice and quiet.  Most importantly,  the food is great and weekday lunch set is really good value for the price.

I wanted to wear something nice and classy since my friend and I were going to the Four Seasons.  But didn’t want to dress too formal because it was for lunch.  So I decided to go casual on bottom and classy on top.


Top: Joe’s Made to Wear (Hong Kong Brand)
Bottom: AG Jeans
Shoes: Pellico Sunny
Bag: Hermès Bolide
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Bag Scarf: Hermès

I have been obsessed with this Hermès Bolide handbag.  I fell in love with the color.  Not black and not quite grey but it seems to have a tint of purple?
And it goes perfectly well with my Pellico Sunny shoes, the moment I saw this bag in Hong Kong (Elements  Hermès Boutique)  I had to get it.  This amazing color can go with anything you are wearing and the structure of the bag is so convenient.  I probably use this Bolide more than my Hermès Berkin.
Added some fun with the scarf on the bag.  It had grey, pink and bronze which goes with the lace top.
I came here many time before but always end up choosing the same menu.  Set lunch II.  It is a five course menu with 48 SGD ++.  It was so good I forgot to take some of the course meals but the appetizer is Dim Sum and lastly a chicken broth noodle.  I can absolutely say that I come here for this noodle.
Always the same seat that looks out to the green.  So relaxing!

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Cantonese Restaurant  Jian-Nan Chun


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