styling my pooch

Since we get to have fun with fashion, I think Latte deserves a little styling as well.  Have fun while you walk your doggy by styling it up!   Doesn’t this look like the brand that comes in the famous Orange Box?

Well… I am not that crazy to buy that brand but it sure does look like it.

I think Latte just wants to go out for a walk when he sees this leash.  I got a hand made “L” initial collar tag.  Is this cute or what?

I wanted to have Orange collars and leashes which goes with the color of Latte’s fur.  Mixing and matching different dog brands… and voila!
What do you think?

Okay, he can’t take it anymore… he’s getting excited.  “Take me out!”

Get super comfy when you go for walks.  Sometimes walk and then sprint a little to add more excitement.  Let them smell the green and the trees.  Take your pooch on a adventure!


Top:  J Crew
Bottom: AG Jeans
Shoes: New Balance 996 (can’t get enough out of this one! )
Bracelet: Chan Luu


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