T-shirt transformer

2013 is coming to an end!  This year went by so fast.  So many traveling and plus I was moving from Hong Kong to Singapore which was another big change.

I am on my way to do some last grocery shopping to make some Japanese new year food.  I decided to wear something that makes me feel good and the items that I love.  Transforming a simple white T to a classy chic style by wrapping a scarf around it.  I use this trick for office style to give a T-shirt a professional look.

T-shirt:  Three dots
Scarf: Hermès
Skirt: Tomorrow Land (Japanese brand)
Shoes: Pellico
Bag: Hermès Birkin


Since I’ve done so many traveling in the past few months, and I didn’t have my blog up at that time, I am planning to post and share some of the great places I traveled this year in the coming blog posts… Especially the most incredible place I visited in my life so far… South Africa.   I hope it would provide some reference for those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year and planning their holiday plans!

Wishing you all and your family a Happy New Year!



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