Abu Dhabi:: flying Etihad

I made a short trip down to Abu Dhabi last week and was excited because it was my first trip to the Middle East region.  I hope to share some of the places I visited and my experience of Abu Dhabi in the next couple of posts.

My flight was at night time which means getting to Abu Dhabi at midnight.   This was the first time I was going to take Etihad Airways.  I have heard many great things about this airline and its known to be one of the best.

Check-in at Singapore Changi Airport was pretty smooth as they had a premiere counter for Etihad.

Lounge… ehhh, okay to be honest.  Not that great compared to Singapore Airlines because this lounge was shared with some of the other airlines.  At least it was spacious and quiet.


Okay boarding on the plane.  The seats were super comfy and the great thing is that all seats have an aisle access.  I never sit at the window side that does not have aisle access just because I feel bad of waking people up whenever I need to go to the restroom…which happens a few times during the flight he he he.


The best of all parts was that the flight attendant was so nice and friendly!  Probably the best I have ever came across at any airline.


And the seat massage function actually works well not like the other airline seats…


So,, what should I have for dinner.  I will go for the Arabic mezze and get my mood into the emirates world!


The word ‘freshly laundered’ is so appealing to me.  Because many times I had blankets that has other peoples hair in them. Ugh… yuck.  Now I know I can get a good night rest with these laundered blankets ha-ha.


Now I sit back, stretch out my legs and relax because I have another 7 hours of time to spare.


Oh, and not to forget.. here are the handouts.  The only thing I wished they had was slippers.  But only because I love wearing slippers inside the plane.


Can’t wait to see the Abu Dhabi city!

Oh, apologies for the blurry and non-focused pictures.  I took most of them with my iPhone.


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