quite a herb

Finally home in Singapore from my short Abu Dhabi trip, I am a bit exhausted as I couldn’t get any sleep during the flight and ended up watching 2 movies.

When I get a bit tired I always have a cup of tea with my favorite tea cup.  I decided to have a herbal tea that was a gift from my friend. This herb tea is amazing and I think I could never have any herb tea that is not from this brand.

I love the cute box that comes with it and love the fact that they package every tea bag in a plastic bag.

Okay, let me talk a bit about this brand because it provides the greatest quality I just have to share.  The brand Marien Apotheke comes from a German pharmacy that has more than 150 years of history.  They have the most organic, purest and high quality herbs which is cleared via the EU pharmaceutical affairs law.  Which means this herbal tea is a medical herb tea and they only use the best of the best herbs that are effective such as to sore throat, cold, head ache, stuffy nose….etc.


So I usually have this herb tea with my favorite tea cup from Raynaud Limodes.  I used the same brand and design for my wedding plates so this brand has a lot of good memories.  It feels great to have tea with a tea cup that brings happy feelings, don’t you think?


Some of you may be thinking where do you get this herbal tea?  Well in Japan it is only available through online shop, Marien Apotheke.  The official German site is here.



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