Abu Dhabi:: city escape perfect

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope this would inspire some readers who is planning their holidays for the Chinese New Year that’s coming up the end of this month.

Continuing from the previous post, my Abu Dhabi trip…  The hotel we stayed was Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara.  There is a lot of nice hotels in Abu Dhabi but we wanted to be a bit away from the busy vibe to a relaxing hotel stay and this was it.  Located right in front of the mangroves, you can see the skyline from the hotel but still have a calm and greenery view.

We arrived just past midnight and the grand yet warm hotel lobby was just relaxing.


There was Dates and tea at the lobby for the guests.


We took a walk outside of the hotel.  It was a bit chilly and surprised to see some people wearing boots and coats!  It gets to about 15C around this time of the year (Dec-Jan).


The décor at the hotel hallway was very nice.  I have heard that this hotel was built just about a year ago, so the place was very new and clean.


Woke up the next day a bit late around 10am just in time for the breakfast buffet.  It was a beautiful blue sky day and the weather was very pleasant.  Kind of felt like Hawaii weather.  Dry, nice and cool wind but still warm.


I didn’t expect for Abu Dhabi to be so green.  In fact on the way to the hotel from the airport, it was only 20 min drive and along the highway, I would see beautiful colored flowers and lots of palm trees.  It was like they were gardening the whole highway.  Must have a lot of cost put into it.




I’m so hungry, time for breakfast!  The buffet had a wide selections from Western, Chinese, Indian cuisine and many others.   Plus the dessert bar was amazing.



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