white details

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

I have been meaning to continue writing about my last week’s Abu Dhabi trip, but for now posting what I wore for yesterday’s movie night.

White on jeans.  Purely simple but playing around with some white details here and there.


White bracelet and some white & orange scarf from Hermes on my bag.   And my favorite all times classic pearl earrings.  I love this unique piece which has sunflower seeds.  The buttons on my shirt was gold color so it worked perfectly well with my earrings.


How do you style your white + jeans fashion?

Enjoy your weekend!

Top: Bought from HK online shop (http://www.chicystyle.com/)
Bottom: AG Jeans
Bag: Hermès
Scarf on Bag: Hermès
Bracelet: Chan Luu
Earings: Donatella Pellini (http://www.pellini.it/) Italian Brand
Shoes: Pellico Sunny (http://www.pellico.net/)



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