Abu Dhabi:: the room

I am in Japan right now and it’s so cold here! I’m hoping to share some places I went but for now continuing my Abu Dhabi trip post.

Okay so the hotel that we stayed was pretty awesome and I didn’t share the hotel room yet so here it is.

Quite spacious and importantly… The bed and bed sheets was great and comfy.

Bathroom was also spacious and clean!
I also liked that the shower head was one of those that is not stuck to the wall, and water pressure was super good. Hot water instantly comes out so that made my stay! I’m so picky with shower and bathrooms. I just can’t stand showers that has water coming out so weak. Don’t you agree?
To be honest the amenities weren’t that great but this time I brought my own John Masters shampoo so it was okay.
I must say the staffs at the hotel was very friendly and helpful.
Room service was quick with response and only took 20 min to have the food ready so that was great!

One of the five star hotel in New York took 1 hour just to bring an extra towel… I don’t think I will ever stay there again.


2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi:: the room

  1. The room looks really nice! I also get so annoyed when room service is slow. At a hotel we stayed at in LA, we asked for an extra duvet and it took 4 hours (we had to call 2 times to remind them) before they came…with two pillows?!

    • Wow… I had a very similar experience when I was in San Francisco. I asked for one extra pillow and it took them like a day to bring it. How does that happen right???!! I think living in Asia, or shall I say south east asia, we get spoiled with good service (event without the tipping culture..)

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