Abu Dhabi:: shopping glitter

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wow…. its been quite a while since I last posted.  Its been a crazy busy few weeks since I flew off to Abu Dhabi – came back for few days.. then flew off to Japan and spent almost 2 weeks there spending time with fam and friends.  And the moment I arrived back to Singapore, I was suffering with Norovirus (kind of a food poison) which I got from Japan.  Then as soon as I recovered,  it was Chinese New Year.

I have been meaning to post the remaining travel pictures from Abu Dhabi so going to write it short and sweet.

So where was I …  Ah yes.  Our fourth day of the trip we went to take a look around the central city area and the new shopping mall.

One of it was the WTC Mall (World Trade Center Mall).   The building was amazing.  It felt like we were in the movie “Inception”.  We also went to check out the WTC Souk where you can buy trinkets and very nice silk scarves.






Isn’t this architecture interesting?  It feels like the world is upside down.



Later in the evening we went to another new shopping mall which the taxi driver recommended us to go.  The Galleria mall is at Al Maryah Island which some of the parts were still under construction.  The island also has office buildings, hotels, residential buildings and a hospital.  It looks like they are building a whole new town.

Inside the mall was just beautiful.




They happened to also have a nice carnival outside of the mall which was interesting to see.


Exhausted of walking around malls throughout the day,  we decided to go take a look at the new Rosewood hotel and settle in for a drink.  Again, beautiful hotel.  Wish they had the Rosewood hotel brand in Asia.  Well actually there is a construction rush going on and soon there will be a few 2015 onwards.  I shall check out the one in Bali which is scheduled to complete in 2015??



We had a drink at the Rosewood hotel bar.  It was very nice and cozy.  They had a fireplace outside which made the chilly night comforting.




2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi:: shopping glitter

    • Indeed! And most locals were shopping there at the high end luxury brand shops… economy booming.. oil money! However for me, I just window shopped! Haha.

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