Abu Dhabi:: gold rush

Hi everyone!  Continuing my Abu Dhabi trip post.

We had one more place to go before we left Abu Dhabi, which was the Emirates Palace.  I think it is mentioned to be one of the largest hotels in the world and is the second most expensive hotel built (6 billion USD!!).  And guess where the first most expensive hotel build in the world is?   Our home land Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.  I did not know that.

But my gosh.  Emirates Palace was like beyond my imagination.  It was incredible.


Few steps inside the hotel is just gold gold GOLD!


And they did have a vending machine where you can buy gold.



The building was so amazing I wanted to spend a little more time enjoying this place so decided to go with the Afternoon tea.

It was so relaxing.


And also did a little ‘touristy’ thing and got the signature café latte with a 24k gold flake…  Wow, am I – or should I eat this thing?  Oh well, might as well dig the gold with my silver spoon and shove it down my throat!  Haha.


The amount of greenery, garden flowers and trees around the palace was so incredible, just imagine how much cost it would take to maintain it so beautifully in such a hot desert country?  Okay not so romantic of me to think about maintenance cost – so finance of me…


Later that evening we had Thai food at the hotel restaurant.  I don’t know why but every time I’m on a trip, I start to crave for Asian food.  Good thing this hotel had a very good authentic Thai food.  I love spice!



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