Tokyo:: my must to do

Continuing my last week’s Tokyo trip post…

When I go back to Japan, there are few things I never miss out on doing and so far I have been successful at.

1) Go to the hair salon,  get my hair and nails done
2) Go to the pet shop to buy treats for my baby boy Latte!
3) Have tea at Grand Hyatt with friends

It’s really hard to find a hair salon that you can trust and feel  comfortable.  After making quite a few relocations in different countries during a short period, I never had the time to go and explore local hair salon shop.  And somehow I managed to go back to Japan once in every 2-3 months.

The hair salon I go to is Kakimoto Arms.  It is right above the Grand Hyatt hotel.  I have introduced the details here on my pervious post.  What I love about that place is I feel so comfortable.  And they will do your hair and nails for you at the same time so it is very efficient.

Next I visit the pet shop at Roppongi Hills.  I got my baby Latte here when he was 6 months old.  He used to get his grooming done here and they do it so well.


Dog treats are carefully chosen with a lot of organic chicken treats.


I especially like this corner where you can buy dog treats per piece.  Have you ever had the feeling when you buy treats for your pup, you don’t want the whole package because your doggy will not end up liking them and you’ll end up wasting them?

I know I have had several treats where I buy… give a piece to Latte… and he totally hates it!   What a waste.


I bought two pieces of this chicken bone bite for Latte.  I hope he likes it!


The pet shop even have a bubble bath corner just for the dogs.  So cute!


Finally, I head to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Roppongi.  Have some nice tea and cake. So nostalgic.  I had done corporate events here and also stayed here for business trips.  I have always loved this hotel.  Great service and very nice room.

The only disappointing thing is the spa there.  Compared to my favorite spa; Peninsula Hotel Spa in Hong Kong,  it was not worth the price.  Sorry Grand Hyatt, but you are still my favorite hotel in Tokyo.



2 thoughts on “Tokyo:: my must to do

  1. It’s always difficult when you are settling into a new place and trying to find salons and other service providers that you are comfortable with 🙂 , and I am in love with the pet store you go to! First time I saw a spa like arrangement for doggies! Latte is one lucky guy 😀

    • Exactly!! I am starting to know my way around Singapore now. But somehow I always kind of get lost at orchard rd… How can that be right? Hahaha . Latte used to get mud pack spa here. Lucky him…

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