Tokyo:: new year late visit

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

I came back last week from a 11 day trip back to Japan and it was really great to see my family and friends again.  This time it was a time for family and friends.  I knew I wouldn’t be doing that much shopping as it is winter there, and not much to shop something for a hot summer Singapore weather.

As usual, I took the ANA flight to Haneda.  I love Star Alliance and what’s great about them is that the mileage is easy to accumulate and also easy to use.

I went straight to the Singapore Airlines Lounge which is probably the best lounge I have ever been to.  I previously posted some picture of the lounge here.

For anyone who is taking the red eye flight, they have a clean and nice shower facility with fresh towels.



I got home at around 7am and was exhausted as I haven’t been able to sleep well through the flight.

But I was so relaxed and all the tire went away when my mother made me a late new year mini version of Japanese osechi and ozone (soup).   I missed my mothers hand made food.

I also wish I can cook like she can!!





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