Hong Kong:: the best spa ever ~part 1

Hi everyone!  How is your weekend so far?   Chinese New Year celebration is coming to an end…

I was hoping I would finish posting my Tokyo trip report, but it seems that I will be writing my Hong Kong trip post first!

I just got back from a very short trip to Hong Kong.  I was only there for 3 days this week, from Monday to Wednesday and I clearly needed more time as I didn’t have enough time to catch up with old friends and colleagues.   I love Hong Kong probably much more so than Tokyo where is my home.  I would call Hong Kong my ”home away from home”.

It was so exciting to be back after 5 months moving away to Singapore.  I have lived and worked in HK for 2 years plus and the experience there including work was fantastic.  I dream of living there again.


I mean, look at this view…  harbor, cosmopolitan buildings with a green hill in the background.  Where else in the world can you find this?

Anyways,  it was such a last-minute trip, my flight schedule was horrible.  Had to wake up at 3 am and get to the Singapore airport by 5 am.  Exhausting.  By the time I got to HK was 9:30 am and I was already so tired.  So… what do I do?   Go straight to the BEST SPA EVER!!!

I have already introduced the Peninsula Spa in Hong Kong here,  but I must say, this was the best spa I have ever been to (in anywhere else in the world I traveled to ) and I think I need to do a full report on it again! Haha.

So I will do a part 1 – part 4.  Is it too much for just a spa report?

I don’t know why my local Hong Kong friends don’t know about this place or have never been here, but I guess they are stuck in Hong Kong island.  But its only a few minutes away!  I have to be honest, it is better than the Mandarin Oriental or the Four Seasons spa. 00260216-144942.jpg

I always do the “Half Day Spa” treatment because it is  really good value for money.   This was my spa menu.

Half day spa journey
10:45-11:00  Check in to the spa, change and relax
11:00-12:30  Healthy Lunch at the pool side
12:30-13:45  Enjoy steam sauna, heat therapy, aroma rain shower….etc
13:45-14:45  Aroma Oil Body Massage
14:45-15:45  Hydrating Facial Treatment
15:45-16:45  Relax at the relaxation room,  enjoy heat therapy again and check out.

And all of this including lunch is ONLY 2,000 HKD (250 USD).   I can’t believe it.   Plus they don’t try to kick you out right away after your treatment.  They let you stay on at the relaxation room or even use the steam sauna again if you would like to.  GREAT SERVICE!

If I get only 1 hour massage in Japan and it would cost me double price, 300USD.

Entrance is calm and relaxing, offering you cold towel and hot ginger tea.




After taking your time,  friendly staff escort you to the changing room.  Very spacious with lots of towels and mineral water.  Every time I come here, I hardly bump into other people.  I think they intentionally shift time so that guests would not all in the room at the same time.


Dressing table is full of amenities.


Fresh new brush.  Very hygiene.


They have ESPA cleansing milk, eye lotion and hydrating facial lotion.  They are all very nice skin care.


I took this with my iPhone so not so clear, but the locker is a full sized one so if you have long dress or coats, they will fit in.  Some spa locker has only half sized locker so your dress end up with wrinkles but no need to worry for that here.


Very nice fluffy cotton slippers and a plastic bag for you to put in your laundry.  They have a good sized jewelry box and a shower cap as well.


Okay, now going on to the Jacuzzi area.   This will be on my Part 2 post coming soon!




3 thoughts on “Hong Kong:: the best spa ever ~part 1

  1. Omg you go in to such detail, I feel like I am there with you! Such a great review of your experience there 😀 Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am definitely going there if I ever visit Hong Kong!

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