Hong Kong:: the best spa ever ~part 3

(… continued from part 2)

The corridor that connects the swimming pool and changing room was very nice with a dome on top.  I walked up the stairs (right corner of the picture) where it leads you to the pool


The indoor swimming pool area is very spacious with lots of chairs and it also has a deck outside that over looks the harbor.



It was raining in the morning but just when I started to have lunch, it stopped and I was able to see the Hong Kong island view.  It feels amazing watching the boats and ferries go by, with a fantastic view of the Peak.

The lunch menu comes with fresh juice, appetizer, main dish and dessert followed by Peninsula blend tea or coffee.


Every time I come here, I fall in love with the whole deco of this place.



The terrace where you have lunch is like a green house with lots of sunlight.  It would be so nice if you do a girls spa day with a group of friends.  Just relax, have nice lunch and have a girls chat by the pool/ harbor.

Amazing harbor view.



For appetizer, I chose hot pumpkin soup.  Was feeling a bit chilly coming from 32 C to a 5 C weather.


For main, I had fish with steam vegetable.  It was very tasty.


Later had a fruit cocktail with Italian gelato and Peninsula blend tea.  But the dessert looked so good I forgot to take picture before eating it!  This is so me…  I realized right before I had my last scoop of fruit.  Sorry, this does not look great in picture but the dessert was fab.


On the next FINAL post, on the spa heat therapy and the relaxation room! 


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