Hong Kong:: the best spa ever ~part 2

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  Singapore passed its cool season and now it is back to its humid steamy hot weather.

So… back to my spa report par 2 of part 4.  Sorry guys, this is quite a detailed report but I cannot help it!  The spa here is so wonderful.

After I changed into my bathrobe and cleansed my face, I head towards the ‘other’ changing room.  This room is meant to be for the hotel guests who uses the gym and sauna facility.  So it is apart from the spa facility, but if you prefer to take a shower or use the Jacuzzi, you are able to use this space as well.

Tons and tons of fresh new towels, robes and slippers.  They also have toothbrush and shower cap as well.




Amenities for you to use, hair dryer and hair iron.


Magazines and newspapers if you want to bring them to the pool side later during lunch.



Changing room with nice sofa chairs if you need some privacy.


Very clean and nice shower facility.  Not a single hair is on the floor!  They do a great job in keeping this place in tip top shape.  A person who is a bit OCD like myself… this is very comforting.


The Jacuzzi at the gym facility was very spacious and nice.  No one was there at this time.


In every corner of the facility, they place Evian bottle water for you.  So nice.


After enjoying the Jacuzzi and get a little warmed up, I went to the pool side to have lunch.

Pool side lunch is included in the Half Day Spa Journey price. Isn’t that amazing?  They also have a healthy breakfast menu and I have tried both before.  And I prefer the lunch menu.   (… to be continued to part 3 )



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