Hong Kong:: the best spa ever ~part 4 final

Hi everyone!  This is my final post of the Peninsula spa experience.

Before I start my spa treatment, I head to the heat therapy room for some steam sauna.  The waiting lounge at the spa facility is already relaxing.

As I posted before, the spa facility is just spacious enough for about 5 people.  But I had never encountered with anyone here.  So I got to enjoy the whole place by myself.  Super!00260220-024553.jpg

Again, bundles and bundles of towels, mineral water and cold towel for you to bring in the steam sauna.  The cold towel is carefully scented with lavender aroma.  Detailed service going on there. Love it.
00260220-024631.jpgI also really like the tropical rain and cold mist shower. What’s so special about this is that this is an aroma shower.  For the tropical rain, you smell a fruity flower aroma and cold mist has a mint aroma.  It is so relaxing and refreshing.  Especially when you want to cool down after a hot steamy sauna.



Dry sauna is as big as a 10 people capacity.  With a wide window looking out to the harbor is amazing.  Someone who is a bit claustrophobia like me, this is wonderful.  Most dry sauna doesn’t have a huge window with a view, but just a small room that could only fit 5 people.


00260220-024623.jpgI like the steam sauna here a lot because it also has a fruity flower aroma in the sauna.  So spacious and the warm lighting is calming.  I took this with my iPhone so all the steam got to my lenses so it’s a very blur photo… Sorry!


After spending and enjoying 45min at the heat therapy room, I head down to the relaxation room to cool down before my treatment.  Now, this place is amazing as well.  It’s sofa bed is so relaxing.  The sheets are all from the luxe bed linen FRETTE.

They also have my favorite coconut water ‘Jax Coco’ and freshly squeezed mango blackcurrant smoothie.  Normally other hotel spas would only have some warm tea and water, but here, they offer more.

00260220-024710.jpg  00260220-024718.jpg
Freshly cut fruits.

Adjustable sofa bed.

Sit back and relax until you are escorted to your spa treatment.  As for me, I take the coconut water, relax, and wait for my treatment.

Hope you enjoyed my Peninsula Hong Kong spa report.  If you ever have the chance to visit Hong Kong,  I would highly recommend this spa!




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