pink snowfall

Hi everyone!  It’s that time again… The time when everything is so dreamy, so fantastical.. in Tokyo.

I have been flying/ traveling almost every month since 2 years ago non-stop and it isn’t stopping anytime soon!

This year, January was Abu Dhabi, February was Tokyo and March was Hong Kong.  So I guess April is Tokyo again.

Am so excited that I finally booked the tickets.  Spring has come, so here I come Tokyo!

Cherry blossom season is my most favorite time of the year in Tokyo. The weather is fab and the trees become pink. Every time the wind blows, you have pink snowfall in the sky.  The picture posted here is actually from 2 years ago. When I went to Tokyo on a business trip and had no time what so ever to go see the cherry blossom except for the ones in front of my office.  Therefore the only picture I have is the cherry blossom garden in Roppongi Hills where my office was.  But its still beautiful.

I can’t wait to introduce the places I will be going to in Tokyo and where is the most beautiful places and where we, the local Japanese go to for cherry blossom.

Meanwhile, I suffer soar throat from the haze in Singapore…

Have a great day!




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