Hong Kong:: shopping paradise

Hi everyone!  Cant believe I haven’t posted anything for more than two weeks.  I think I was getting a little bit too caught up on Instagram.  I love that stuff, don’t you?

Anyways, I wanted to post the last remaining pictures from my Hong Kong trip so here they are.  Hong Kong is the most amazing place to shop.  First of all… no TAX. Wonderful. And the shopping malls are so pretty and they have the most ridiculous sale which you would never see in Tokyo.  Luxury brands going 20-40 % off.  Ladies and girls. Pack your bags and go for it! haha.


So my favorite malls are;
1) IFC (crowded but at a very convenient place)
2) Pacific Place (I especially like the makeup shops and Harvey Nichols here. Details below.)
3) Elements (where my old apartment was! So easy to shop because there is hardly anyone there. Hermes, Chanel you name it. All the brands are there and you can really enjoy a relaxing shop time.)

First I head to IFC which is right above the Hong Kong train station. This mall is huge and has wide range of selections.

I usually just go straight to Lane Crawford where they have all the nice selection of my favorite brands.


They also have ‘sacai luck’ which I don’t see in Singapore. Alexander Wang and JCrew is here as well.


Next stop, Harvey Nichols at Pacific Place shopping mall.  I think I shopped here the most when I was living in Hong Kong. They have L’AGENCE which is one of my favorite brands.  When I went there a couple of times, they remembered me and even gave me a VIP card where I can use their nice spacious fitting room.  I mean,,, isn’t Hong Kong’s service amazing?


I had been looking for a nice silk blouse with bright colors. And as usual at Harvey Nichols, I found the perfect piece by ‘robert rodriguez’.  Quite pricy but why not.  Came all the way down here and who knows how much it will cost in Singapore with all the tax. Plus I would probably not find this brand in Singapore anyways! Done. Buy!


Next stop, La Mer. I always, ALWAYS buy cosmetic stuff in Hong Kong. They are much cheaper than Japan or Singapore. And you get the most incredible service!

I went to the La Mer shop at Pacific Place and first I was greeted by this really nice staff who offered me a space to put my shopping bag and sit at the comfy sofa offering me tea/ coffee.  How nice! I didn’t even buy anything yet!  So I asked for some herbal tea.


Then the best part was that they let me try out their products while chatting with the staff there.  So much fun! In the end, I got their fabulous cream and foundation powder.

It was such an enjoyable time there because normally what happens in Singapore or Japan is that you have to wait, wait and wait until a staff is able to attend you.  Then when you are about to spend quite some money on their products, you just stand there with your heavy bags, not offered to sit, and test the products while you stand. Not fun at all.


Any girl will have a great time in Hong Kong with all the nice shopping and food.  Agh!  I need to be back there again.

Maybe next time during the summer sale!




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