defining your own style

Hi everyone!  Today is a public holiday in Singapore but I may have to work on an assignment… Oh well.

Yesterday I posted a picture on my Instagram commenting about ‘Defining your own style’.  For me it was back to basics.  All these years of exploring what my style was, that was where I ended up.  It was very simple.

Back to basics.

Quality over Quantity.

Like the picture below, a simple white shirt, ripped jeans and a tint of grey or nude item was just perfect for me. Those were the things I felt so comfortable in.  Also, I choose quality over quantity.  So I have very limited number of clothes but I’m happy with that because I know that my simple white T-shirt has the perfect structure, texture and cutting that fits just perfectly. And I know which brand to go to for a white T (after all the experiment with other brands).  Mine are James Perse and Three Dots.  Prior for casual loose look and later for office wear Ts.


So when it comes down to jeans, there is only two of my favorite brands.  Jeans after jeans I tried out, some didn’t work at all after buying them. And when I was in my teens, I used to like really baggy jeans. Ugh. Now I only wear straight cut because that is what I feel most comfortable in. I tried boyfriend denim, but I think my body shape wasn’t for that (probably not enough length of legs haha).

Over the years I had quite a few times of ‘closet restructuring’.  Now at my age, I come to think I want to have a simple quality lifestyle.  I wanted to keep my closet simple as possible with a ‘fixed capacity’.  That was the key.  If I go a little bit over capacity, I would try to give some items away for charity or give it to anyone who wants them, to make up for that space.  Never keep adding on my closet capacity.

It was hard at first. Clinging on to things that I haven’t worn for more than 2 years.  Just emotionally attached to these stuff.  But I asked myself. Is it what you truly value?  Do you really need that in your space?  Not really.  So this is how I started to restructure.  I think it took about three years.  Then out came to the horizon,, the things that I truly value.  That was when I was able to define my own style.


When it comes down to bags… I don’t know how many times I paid for ‘education’.  Meaning, I rushed into buying them, but in the end I realized I only bought it just because it was a trendy bag or I thought I had to have it but I really didn’t.  My well learned lesson of ‘education fund’ in several bags.  I probably had dozens and dozens of bags.  Now, I am only down to maybe ten.

The Hermes bags.  I have three and I think I’m going to keep it that way.  I do have a fixed budget.  I can’t afford so many.  So when I bought these I really carefully thought what color, size and style I wanted.   I love small bags because I only hold five things in my bag.

Wallet. iPhone. House key. Lipgloss.  Handkerchief (haha. this is so Japanese of me).   Nothing more than this.

And I actually use the black Garden Party bag the most.  This is also my plane ride bag.


Defining my own style doesn’t limit to fashion but other things like kitchenware to household goods.

Like, towels for example.  I love towels and a good quality towel makes me feel good.  I discovered a Japanese towel brand called “imabari towel“.  Its well known in Japan,  have a history well over a century and quite affordable.  The texture, touch and quality is so unbelievable.  No other manufacture can imitate the master craftsmanship of this towel.  Various crafts work from material selection,  weaving, and dyeing put in to the process, the quality standard is amazing.  From my recent trip back to Tokyo, I bought 5 of these  handkerchief.

So, how do you define your style?



6 thoughts on “defining your own style

  1. That Garden Party bag is so beautiful! Designs like that will never go out of fashion:) The Japanese towels look just perfect. Soft but still texturized. I’ll look out for that brand, when I’m going to Tokyo in July:)

    • Oh you going to Tokyo? Have fun and eat lots! 🙂 haha. The towel brand should be in any department stores such as Mitsukoshi. I love looking at lifestyle and kitchen items in Japan. They are so functional yet stylish. 🙂 Look forward to you Japan posts.

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